We were given a presentation by the designers Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell and then had 2 days to concept, make, and edit a video that would be presented.(Yikes) The entire junior class participated.

  • Collaborators: Joanna Stacy, Taylor Kaiser, Jenna Hebeler
  • Project: Motion Design
  • Year: 2015

Naming notes
Our brainstorming for coming up with a cleaver closing name and lesson to our video.
Project 02c
Storyboarding. We started off with a much larger story featuring three people, but we realized we could stream line the video and make it more cohesive if we focused on one person's day.
Before storyboarding we focused in on what we wanted the take away to be from this video. At this point we were still exploring how to go about this.
Brain storm
This is our first brain storming session. We knew we wanted to tackle social media as our topic. We put down anything and everything that came to mind as thoughts regarding social media and body image.
The presentation by Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell that started it all.