Wegmans Orange Juice Redesign

As a part of my Senior Packaging Class, we worked with Wegmans Supermarket to redesign its Orange Juice packaging. I worked with students from Packaging Science and Industrial Design. We had various representatives from Wegmans come in and brief us on their product. We then did further research on the Wegmans brand as well as a retail audit to inform our designs. Our groups design won second place among the class.

Process doc PDF

  • Collaborators: Daniel Jourman, Adrian Tiliacos, Christopher Lundquist, Andrew Tobin
  • Project: Wegmans Orange Juice Redesign
  • Year: 2016

Oragne Juice Packaging
We could have chosen to use paper or plastic, but we decided to stay with papper as it made the product more unique compaired to compeditors, its cheaper, and more envioronmentally friendly.
Presentation video we showed Wegmans.
Sample tablet screens
Example of how our product stands out on the shelf next to compeditors.
Sample desktop screens
Sample wireframes
The original packaging next to our redesign.
Style Guide
The flattened patteren to make the final mockups.
Site map
Some of the many varriations we made to explore the different forms we could make the package.
Early visual comp samples
Form explorations, and figuring out the closure of the package.
Persona 1
Early form ideation after doing a retail audit and seeing what was out there.