Healthy Drink Branding

A system of customizable drinks that emphasizes heath and simplicity. The idea we came up with was to have spices in the top that you can infuse into the drink. To infuse the spices you simply push the button on cap and shake. This allows the user to interact with the bottle and have two options for the flavor.

Indepth Presentation PDF

  • Collaborators: Laura Hoerner, Tyler Mowbray, Sierra DeVine, Lena Laque-Almond
  • Project: Design System
  • Year: 2015

Project 01a
Five drink flavors.
Project 01b
Example of the back of the bottle.
Project 01c
Sample magazine Ad.
Project 01c
Dynamic Wild logo.
Project 01c
Other logo directions we explored.
Project 01c
Ideas for names and sketches of logo concepts.